How to write a critical essay like an Expert

Critical analysis essay outline development process

The main aim of a critical analysis essay is to examine articles or other types of works to determine whether they make a point or argument. A critical analysis essay mostly applies to books or articles, but it is also possible to analyze less traditional works like paintings and films. It is one of the most common research papers for sale sought after by students in need of college homework writing. When examining an author, you can use rhetorical appeals, but your analysis should be based on the general effectiveness and ability of the article.

Critical analysis essay

This guide will provide you with an in-depth overview of how to write an excellent critical analysis essay.

  1. Critical Reading

  2. The first step to critical reading is to find out what the author is arguing for or against. For instance, if you are making a critique of a creative nonfiction or fiction work in the film or written form, you can start by identifying the main theme of the story. Always ask yourself whether the author is trying to offer a solution to the problem raised in your thesis.

    You should then identify the main ideas of the points discussed before analyzing its structure. When it comes to paintings or fiction, you should find out the evidence provided by the painter or author which attempts to explain his or her thesis. If it is an academic article, you can easily find the main ideas on the topic sentence of each section or paragraph.

    It is also essential to research unfamiliar materials, and the best way to do this is by using an encyclopedia or dictionary. In-depth research is not necessary unless your work is created around an unfamiliar concept.

  3. Writing an Effective Analysis

  4. When you begin writing your analysis, it is important to choose the noteworthy areas to analyze. The best place to start is by identifying several observations and reviewing your critical reading notes to expand on in greater details. When writing a critical review, your primary focus should be on the effectiveness of the author to appeal to the Ethos, Lagos, and pathos. You could also try to explore the author’s ability to make his or her point.

    In such instances, your analysis could examine how the writer’s research was performed as well as the general cohesiveness of your work as a whole. It’s also important to have a balance between the positives and negatives. Therefore, if your critique has more positive elements than negatives, you should start with the negatives before defending your writing with positives.

    You should also identify the controversies around a given topic. For instance, if the author chooses to write about a disputable matter, your writing should take into account a different side of the issue and explain how the writer did not succeed in arguing against it. This is usually the case in instances where specific issues or points are highlighted directly in your article.

  5. Organizing Your Review

  6. Every critical analysis essay should be well organized which means that it should have a more in-depth review and bibliographical information. You shouldn’t miss specifying the genre or field that the work addresses, the author’s name, the type of work as well as the title of the work. Your introduction should also take about ten percent of your paper.

    You should have your thesis which summarizes your overall evaluation of the work being critiqued. Most critical review essays will have positives and negatives, but your writing could also be strictly negative or positive. The critical analysis should form about eighty percent of the overall essay with each idea covered in its own paragraph.

    Ensure that you have a quick summary of the key points presented by the author. Giving a lot of examples is okay, but it is important to be as brief as possible. In general, your summary should take about one-third of the body of your essay but the less, the better.

    When writing your conclusion paragraph, restate your overall opinion or thesis of the analyzed work. You also need to use this space to give your recommendations on how the analyzed work can be improved, and this could be regarding research approach, appeals, and ideas. Just like the introduction, your conclusion should also take ten percent of your overall paper.

Once you follow all the steps outlined above, writing a critical essay will be a walk in the park for you.

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