How to Write a Great Conclusion for Your Essay

Getting the right words to conclude an essay

The conclusion is one of the areas that is usually overlooked, and students ought to understand that it is an essential part of an essay. This is because it ties all the ideas outlined then packages your essay as a cohesive, polished whole. Although most students feel like it is the hardest part of the essay to write, this is usually not the case. In fact, it is one of the areas that students will find easy once they have a good grasp of how to go about it.

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This guide provides a detailed overview of the different aspects that will help you write a great conclusion for your essay

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Brainstorm your conclusion

One of the most helpful ways of generating a conclusion is by imagining that your reader has asked “so what?” about your argument. The other questions would be; How does your conclusion help to convince readers? and Why does your essay matter? Asking yourself such questions helps to explore conclusion ideas.

The other important aspect that will help you know what should be included in the conclusion is having a sense of what your main argument idea is all about. You do not necessarily need to cram every point in your conclusion. All you have to do is hit on the crucial things.

Understanding your essay focus also helps to avoid the introduction of new information in your conclusion. You can even get a proper conclusion by looking at the themes introduced in the first paragraph. Try and see whether it is possible to restate the theme further when you are working on your conclusion.

Writing your conclusion

Once you are done brainstorming and have an idea of what to write, you can now begin your conclusion. One of the ways of doing this is by cueing the reader that your essay is coming to a close. Although most essays start their concluding paragraph with a transition, you should not do it if you feel that it is not clear enough. Briefly summarising your main points by taking the first sentence of each paragraph then writing the main points in not more than three sentences is also a great way to write your conclusion.

There is no rule guiding the length of your conclusion, but most college and high school essays should at least have a conclusion of between five to seven sentences. If you have less than that, the chances are that you have not summarized your points well. Also, it is essential to try and fit your thesis statement into your conclusion by referencing it at the end of your essay.

Take note of the common pitfalls

There are a lot of mistakes that students do which can easily be avoided. One of the most common mistakes is summarising what has already been said or restating the thesis. One of the greatest pitfalls of such a mistake is that readers would not have any reason to read your conclusion. It is important to try and provide your readers with some sophistication to your original ideas.

Always resist the urge to quote because you do not need to clog the end of your essay with analysis and quotes. You also need to understand that the conclusion is supposed to tie all your essay ideas for your readers. Therefore, you should never introduce any new information.

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