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How To Start An Essay: Step By Step Guide

There is no doubt that writing an essay might seem like a daunting task for many students. Whether the essay is meant for a contest, class or scholarship, most students still find it overwhelming. That is the main reason why students look for essays for sale from assignment doer sites in order to escape this feeling. However, you should not let such stress weigh you down. This outline will walk you through the different steps to drafting a successful essay.

how to start an academic essay

  1. Settle on a Topic

  2. When it comes to writing an essay, you may be given free reign to write on the subject of your choice, or you may have to write on a topic assigned. In instances where you have to write on a selected topic, it is crucial to think of what you want to pen down. For example, is the essay focused on a specific analysis or is it a general overview of a particular subject?

    If you are not working on an assigned topic, there is more work to be done. However, this is a perfect opportunity to settle on a subject that is not only interesting but also relevant to you. Also, you need to define your purpose, and this should be based on whether your essay is meant to persuade or inform

    Once you have a defined purpose, you should do in-depth research on the topics that you find interesting. Lastly, you should evaluate your options. If your essay aims to persuade, then it is important you pick a subject that you are passionate about. However, if you are looking to educate, settling on a topic that you have already studied is the best option.

  3. Create a Thesis Statement

  4. Once you are done sorting your ideas into categories and choosing a topic, you need to create a thesis statement. The thesis statement aims to tell the reader what your essay is all about. The thesis statement has two parts, one that states the topic and the other that outlines what the essay is all about. For example, if your piece is about Barrack Obama and his presidential impact on the United States, the ideal thesis statement could be “Barrack Obama has made an impact to the future of our nation in his two consecutive terms as President.”

    On the other hand, If you are working on a scholarship essay, you could have a thesis statement like this. “In the course of my high school career, I have exhibited exemplary “winning traits” such as organizational skills, leadership skills, and communication skills, which has been made possible thanks to my involvement in National Honor Society, Student Government and a side job at St. Monica’s department store.”

  5. Prepare a Detailed Outline of Your Ideas

  6. The only way you can come up with a successful essay is by organizing your thoughts. If you take what is in your head and note it down, it makes it easier to see links and connections between different ideas more clearly. Having a structure is important since it acts as a foundation for your paper. The best way to go about this is by using a diagram or outline to organize and note down your ideas.

    If you choose to create a diagram, take note of the topics on the page you are working on. Draw at least five lines that branch off from the topic then take note of the ideas at the end of the lines. If you opt to work on an outline, it is best you start by writing the topics at the top of your page. You should then list your main ideas but remember to leaves spaces under each to make it easier to see connections and write a more organized essay.

  7. The Introduction

  8. After writing your thesis, the next step is to work on the introduction. Take note that the opening paragraph should show not only the focus of your essay but also capture the readers attention. Always start with an attention grabber. This could be a summary of your topic, a quote, dialogue or you could present shocking information. Regardless of the angle you take, it is essential that it ties in with your thesis statement which is usually included in the last part of your essay introduction.

  9. Write the Body

  10. The body of the essay is meant to describe, explain and argue your topic. The ideas that you noted down on your outline or diagram will now become separate sections within your body. Therefore, the supporting ideas ought to be written in a sentence format, but it should leave at least three or four lines where you can give examples. Within the spaces, there should be information that can link smaller ideas. Do not forget that every idea or argument should be presented in its own paragraph.

  11. The Conclusion

  12. The conclusion of your essay should sum up the overall idea and bring closure to the topic. It’s important to remember that the conclusion usually consists of a maximum of five sentences. However, this will depend on the length of your entire essay. All you need to do is to reinforce your thesis as well as review your main points. No new points should be presented here.

Add Final Touches

Once your conclusion is done, you might think that you have everything done, but before your work is considered done there is need to pay close attention to the minor details. For instance, it is prudent to check on the order of your paragraphs, and this means having your strongest points at the first and last section of your body with the rest falling in the middle.

Additionally, your paragraph order should make sense. For instance, if you have an essay talking about a process, like how to prepare a great meat pie, ensure that the paragraphs are in the correct order. Similarly, go through the essays instructions and ensure that all areas outlined are included in your essay. There are different formats followed by teachers and scholarship forms, and it is key that you check on the instructions to ensure that it is in the right format.

Lastly, proofread what you have written to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Ensure that you have a smooth sentence flow and also add phrases to help you connect ideas and thoughts. Once you have all the outlined aspects in check, you will have written an excellent essay.

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