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What can you do with a Mathematics Degree

Thanks to the skyrocketing importance of economic efficiency, technology, and big data, expert number crunchers are also increasingly in demand as well. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Statistics, the job market for mathematics is expected to grow by about 23% between the year 2012 and the year 2022 with a forecasted median salary of $110,000. However, that’s not all. Those who study math’s are also known for having an impeccable problem-solving eye and a knack for making sense of advanced equations that gives them an edge in a quite a number of lucrative careers. In this article, we are going to explore some of the popular math-related careers including vital information on what to expect and skills that you might need to enhance your role even further.

Actuarial careers

As an actuary, one of the many things that you will be required to do is to evaluate financial risk so as to advise clients accordingly on the best course of action to take. Merging in-depth knowledge of business and economics with risk analysis skills, actuaries just so happen to be at the very heart of business strategy and ensuring commercial goals are fulfilled and sound investments are made.

Statistician careers

By and large, statisticians are specialists in analysis, collation, presentation, and interpretation of statistics and quantitative data. Their skills are required in a number of industries ranging from finance to sport and healthcare to government. They are normally tasked with collecting, arranging and managing data by using surveys, contextual analysis, and experiments. And with this data, they can be called upon to do a number of things ranging from advising clients on possible strategies and creating much-needed reports.

Careers in banking

The banking sector has quite several opportunities for one to relish. These range from corporate investment banking to retail banking. Both of which are arenas that deal with quite a handful of financial assessment with a myriad of opportunities to specialize in including areas such as acquisitions and mergers, privatization, shares and bonds and lending and IPOs. Here, duties can include anything from creating new business opportunities, market research and developing financial models and creating solutions to present to clients.

Careers in accountancy and finance

Accountancy offers a range of choices for graduates in mathematics to pick from. It can be anything between tax accounting, auditing, management accounting, corporate advising and forensic accounting. However, if you desire to be a chartered accountant, you will also need to have further professional qualifications over and above the mathematics degree that you have at hand. Nonetheless, if you go into a company as a trainee at first, your employer will help you gain the professional certification and experience that you need to develop your role further.

Other common careers in math include statistical research, intelligence analysis, market research, operational research, financial analysis, software engineering, management consultancy, Information Technology, logistics, meteorology, engineering, teaching, computer programming and scientific research and development. If you have no intention of taking any of the mentioned courses and have a math class you need help in, feel free to contact an online math doer on our site and pass your grade.

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