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How to organize your math homework

One of the biggest problems that we have as students is the inability to organize written work on paper. And while it is true for quite a number of the other subjects that we study, it is particularly true for math. You see, math is to a large extent a somewhat logical and linear process and hence needs intensive organization.

After all, if we were to be completely honest with ourselves, we would admit that we all have our own fair share of distractions in our lives. And while it may be fairly easy for an adult to stay on task despite it all, kids have a very hard time coping and trying to focus on staying on task despite the many distractions around them. Therefore, you will find that even when they are doing homework in a quiet place, they will often get distracted with the littlest of things in the room hence disrupting their math homework. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of keeping organized when doing math homework and delve into some of the ways you can organize your math homework to get better results.


  • Being organized makes it easier to get back on track if you get distracted.
  • It helps you see the next step easily.
  • Organizing your work helps you get more work done in much less time.
  • Organizing your work helps make it easier for the teacher to go through your work which in turn makes it easier for you to get higher grades

How to stay organized with your math homework

  • Work with a pencil and eraser. When doing mathematical problems, one thing remains true – you are bound to make numerous mistakes before you get to the desired result. As such, in order to keep things looking neat and organized, using a pencil and eraser may be more prudent as opposed to using a pen since it then makes it harder to erase mistakes made along the way.
  • Use a maximum of two columns for working problems on a single page.
  • Do a maximum of two steps on a single line in your column.
  • Line up the equals signs for each step with the equal sign from the step before.
  • Show your working. This involves showing the steps you made before ultimately arriving at the solution.
  • For graphs and tables, use a ruler to draw straight lines and clearly label the points of interest, axes, and scales. In addition, make your graphs and tables large enough so as to ensure clarity.
  • Try as much as possible to work on only one side of the equals sign.
  • Do scratch work on a scratch paper and only hand in the final draft.
  • Be consistent while working. This will to a large extent involve numbering the problems whilst using the same notation.
  • Put your final answer at the end of your work and mark it clearly.

With these suggestions, you will be able to keep your math homework looking neat and uncluttered just as a professional math homework doer would.

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