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How Much Math Homework is too Much Homework

Assignments and homework have for decades been a fundamental and vital aspect of every scholar’s academic journey. So much so that professors have resorted to using homework as a way of keeping tabs on the performance of their students. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the best ways to determine just how well a student comprehends the lessons and materials being taught.

However, despite being so highly regarded in a number of instances, there has been a looming debate in the recent past concerning how much homework is too much. And although most times people come short of defining exactly how much homework children need to be given so as to excel in their studies, researchers have found that when it comes to homework contrary to popular belief more isn’t better. In fact, it can be quite detrimental and end up giving results that are far from the expected. For instance, according to research, more than 70 minutes a day of math’s homework can be detrimental to the child’s learning curve.

As if that’s not enough, studies done by Spanish researchers also seem to reiterate the same. In their research, they looked at the performance of 7,725 students from both state and private schools and asked them how much time they spent doing their assignments. They further went on to ask the students to break down the time they spent on various subjects and made adjustments for socioeconomic and gender parities. This was then preceded by a measurement of how much students improved by looking at previous attainment in math and science. According to the research findings, the optimum amount of time that one needs to spend on homework is an hour which was what most teachers had set. However, in cases where this optimum exceeded to about 90-100 minutes, grades began to fall considerably indicating that the homework given was a bit too much. Conversely, although 70-90 minutes a day seemed to slightly increase the student’s grades by a miniature margin, researchers recommended that it wasn’t worth it because the increase was way too meager to have a considerable impact on the grades. As for working autonomously, research done has proved that students who needed help spent 70 minutes doing their homework and ended up giving a score in the 50th percentile which goes to show that self-regulated learning is intertwined with the overall academic performance.

That being said, while math homework is quite fundamental to the scholar’s success, it is not necessary to allocate huge quantities of homework at all. But it is imperative for the homework load to be regular and systematic with the intention of promoting independent self-regulated learning and instilling work habits. If not then feel free to consult do my math assistants.

In conclusion, when it comes to math homework, it is not a question of how much but how effective it is in the long run. And once the autonomous working and individual effort are factored in, the amount of time taken to complete a given assignment becomes obsolete.

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