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How math is used in various fields

The exasperated sighs of students who fervently insist that they will never need the information they learn in math have become so common over the past couple of years. So much so that both parents and teachers have had to come up with a heap of answers to address the matter. However, despite the fact that a plethora of students abhor math classes and opt to hire math homework doers online to take their math tests, the truth is it is relevant to a wide variety of academic subjects.

Therefore it goes without saying that if a student is doing poorly in math and having a hard time tackling math problems; there is a likelihood that they could also struggle with other subjects as well. In this article, we are going to give you an overview of just how math is intimately interconnected with other academic subjects and some common uses of math in other fields.

Literature and writing

Despite the fact that at a glance literature may look like it’s a far cry from math, when it comes to poetry, mastering basic arithmetic comes in pretty handy in the long run. As a matter of fact, the meter of poetry, the number of words to be inculcated in a single line and the overall effect that certain rhythms have on a reader are all products of mathematical calculations. What’s more, the logical thinking used in math also helps students be more clear and logical in their writing.

The arts

Students that have a knack for the art and wish to pursue careers in art, music, dance and theatre can benefit a lot from basic mathematical concepts. For instance, since art thrives on geometry, students who go into the arts need to have a basic understanding of geometrical formulas so as to craft impressive pieces of art. Conversely, students that want to venture into music and more particularly dance have to have an extensive knowledge of math basics to learn the basic rhythms of dance.


The applications of mathematics to science are simply ubiquitous, to say the least, and more so in fields like physics, chemistry, and astronomy. As such students who find it hard to master basic arithmetic skills might have an even harder time trying to read the scientific graphs and charts that are used in the field of science.

Social studies

Most of the time, social studies classes often necessitate students to review graphs and charts that provide more information about a number of things ranging from historical data to ethnic groups. And for one to fully grasp the statistics contained in the charts, it is paramount to have basic knowledge of mathematical concepts used in coming up with graphs and charts.
In addition, subjects such as geography may also require one to comprehend how the valuation of an area affects its population or the degree to which diverse populations have different average life spans. All of which require you to have a mathematical background. It is therefore paramount to have some basic knowledge of mathematical formulas and terms.

In truth, the applications of math in life are endless, to say the least. It is therefore important to always endeavor to be well versed with all there is to know even if we abhor the subject so dearly.

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